Distribution Sector Economic Impact

Employment (Direct Jobs, FTE) 10,000
Total Distribution Assets $19 Billion
Annual Capital Spending $1.9 billion
Annual Operational Spending $1.6 billion
Contributions to Municipal Governments $350 million
Contributions to Provincial Government $150 million

Operational Spending equates to “Operational, Maintenance, Administration (OMA)” spending. Dividend payments (a component of contributions to both municipal and provincial governments) are estimated; other figures are from the 2013 OEB Yearbook of Electricity Distributors.


two workers at electrical power station.

  • There are more than 70 local electrical utilities in Ontario, with service territories dispersed throughout the province.
  • They require a wide diversity of employees and expertise, providing employment in fields including engineering; line crews; various specialized trades; customer service; and the full range of administrative, managerial and professional skills.
  • Their annual operational spending is concentrated within and near their service territories providing significant direct local economic benefits.
  • Direct economic benefits also include significant capital spending, in part to continually maintain and upgrade extensive infrastructure (including, for example, close to 200,000 km of power lines).
  • They deliver significant financial contributions to municipal governments, in the form of dividends, interest payments and property taxes; and to the provincial government in the form of dividends and payments-in-lieu of taxes.